Frameless glass door

In order to achieve best aesthetic effect, wine cooler cabinets, coke cooler cabinets, freezers can use frameless insulated glass doors. The extremely slim PVC plastic frame and aluminum alloy frame are used, together with silk screen printed colored glass frame pattern, to achieve round corner square corner of glass door,  small R10 and big R30 corner is optional. It is suitable for the display effect of the coke cabinet, beverage cabinet, and wine cabinet with upper mounted and lower mounted compressor condensing units, and adds a beautiful design effect to your refrigerator.

At the same time, a back-lit LED light can be added inside the glass edge, or a edge-lit LED light logo can be added inside the glass cavity to make the refrigerator door and refrigerator look more high-end and attract the attention of consumers.

what is frameless insulated glass door for cooler or freezer?

A frameless insulated glass door for a cooler or freezer is a type of door that is designed to provide an airtight seal for refrigerated or frozen environments, while also allowing for visibility into the space. Unlike traditional doors, which have a frame or frame-like structure around the perimeter of the glass panel, frameless insulated glass doors use special adhesives and seals to bond the glass directly to the door frame, creating a seamless, frameless appearance.

The insulated glass used in these doors is typically made up of two or more layers of glass with a layer of insulating material, such as argon or krypton gas, between them. This helps to reduce heat transfer and improve energy efficiency, while also providing a high level of visibility into the cooler or freezer.

Frameless insulated glass doors are commonly used in commercial environments, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and food service facilities, where maintaining a consistent temperature and visibility into refrigerated or frozen storage areas is important. They can also be used in residential settings, such as wine cellars or high-end kitchens, where visibility and energy efficiency are desired.

Getting tired of seeing traditional old fashioned framed glass door for cooler/freezer? 

Looking for high end glass door design for your commercial display cooler/freezer/refrigerator?

Frameless glass door with silk screen print edge will be an interesting option for you.

Before delving into frameless glass door, we would first explain some knowledge about step insulated glass. Stepped insulated glass typically consist of double or triple glazed insulated glass units, of which the outer pane of glass is larger or longer than the inner panes, forming a ‘step-out’ appearance from the inner pane(s) to the outside pane of glass.



Frameless glass door consist of stepped insulated glass, and slim aluminium or pvc frame covering the step glass edge, giving a full glass appearance from the front side view. The edge of the outside pane (or the step) of the insulated glass is painted with colored silk screen to match with the overall outlook of refrigerator unit. This will create a premium aesthetic design of the glass door on the refrigerator. 

There’re some unique silk screen paint colors on the stepped glass, typically black for wine refrigerator, red for Coca Cola cooler, blue color for Pepsi cooler etc. 

The frameless glass door could have square corner, or round corner for aesthetic appearance. R10 and R30 are mostly commonly used in our design. 

If you need more premium design, an LED edge-lit acrylic sheet, or back lit LED strip, could be added to the frameless glass door, making frameless glass door more premium with innovative design and promote your brand value in the fierce competition of the commercial display cooler market.

Problem facing the frameless glass door is poor insulation performance due to argon leakage and condensation in the glass hollow cavity due to moisture penetration. To overcome these problem, we imported flexible spacer insulated glass machine from Europe, and design a new generation of insulation glass and doors for upright beverage display cooler/freezer. 


Our framless glass door with stepped insulated glass will have initial argon filling percentage test, with handheld Sparklike argon test device, testing result between 95%-99%. Our glass is the only kind of glass door that passes EN-1279-2 Long term Moisture penetration test and EN-1279-3 Argon Gas rate and argon leak test.

Now No.1 beverage brand in China, Nongfu Spring, has nominated our factory as one of the only two qualified suppliers.



Premium aesthetic design
Frameless glass door, stylish all-glass design with enlarged vision
Silk screen painting logo for your brand image and advertising
Curved/square door frame corner
Ultra clear glass: high transmittance and clearer vision
High efficiency LED illumination on glass door
Ultra Energy Saving
95% high argon charged, keeping argon 90% for 20 years
20% better insulation/energy saving/cooling performance in glass door
Soft coat Low E glass for heat radiation stop and insulation performance
Compressor protection
Compressor protection: decrease compressor startup and running time, lengthen compressor life
Lengthening the service life of the cooler/freezer unit
Long life guarantee
15+ years glass glass seal leakage proof
glass seal leakage-proof guarantee same as service life of your cooler/freezer/refrigerator unit



Frameless Glass Door with black silk screen printing for commercial display Beverage Cooler/medical refrigerator/Reach-in freezer

Door Composition

Frameless glass door
Insulated glass with 4 side step, 95-99% argon charged and keeping
PVC frame for glass door
Slim aluminum alloy frame to cover PVC frame
Handle(aluminium or plastic), door gasket, hinge, auto-return

Glass door size


Door Frame material

PVC profile frame
aluminium alloy profile frame
Chromed aluminium cover
Stainless steel frame

Door Corner Shape

Square corner, round corner (R30, R10)


Glass composition

2 pane insulated glass for cooler (0-8℃)
3.2mm/4mm Low E glass + 12~14mm flexible spacer 95%-99% high argon + 3.2mm/4mm Low E glass
3 pane insulated glass for freezer (-15~-30℃)
3.2mm/4mm Low E glass + 12~14mm flexible spacer 95%~99% high argon + 3.2mm/4mm Low E glass + 12~14mm flexible spacer 95%~99% high argon + 3.2mm/4mm Low E glass

Glass type

Tempered/toughened glass, anti-collision, explosion-proof, anti-blast with strength of automobile windshield grade
Ultra clear glass for higher transmittance and clear vision
Soft Low E for higher heat radiation reflection and insulation performance
Double pane/layer insulated, double glazed glass door for cooler, with argon krypton charged and keeping
Triple pane/layer insulated, triple glazed glass door for freezer, with argon krypton charged and keeping in 2 hollow cavities


Flexible GD warm spacer
Argon gas/air penetration leak rate is 0.002g/m2/24hour
Glass seal guarantee for 15+ years, keeping high argon for 15+ years

Argon Gas in insulated glass Cavity

95-99% argon filled,
20% better insulation and 20% energy saving
High Argon protect Low E glass coating, enhance insulation performance, noise reduction
keeping argon 90% for 15+ years
Decrease compressor startup and running time, lengthen compressor life time
Same long life guarantee with beverage cooler unit

Insulated glass Sealant

Polysulfide, double component silicone sealant

Silk screen color and color

Red silk screen color for Coca Cola
Blue silk screen color for Pepsi
Black silk screen color for wine bar cabinet
Customized according to your logo design

LOGO Brand

Your custom logo design


0~8℃ for cooling
-18~-30℃ for ice cream refrigerator or frozen freezer
8~12℃ for wine bar cabinet


Glass seal Same life time guarantee as your cooler unit


Handle (Full Length handle, top mounted handle, side mounted handle, recessed handle, add-on handle, in-built handle)
90°hold open
top and bottom hinge, hinge cover
Durable Magnetic gasket
Key and Lock
LED lighting strip


bottle cooler/beverage drink cooler/visi cooler/beer fridge/beer cooler/wine fridge/medical freezer
Ice cream fridge/frozen refrigerator/reach-in cabinet/walk-in cabinet/cold room
Single door, double door, triple door, multi door