Vending machine glass door


Vending machines are a brand-new form of commercial retail, which developed from Japan, Europe and the United States in the 1970s. It is also known as a 24-hour micro supermarket. In Japan, 70% of canned drinks are sold through vending machines. Coca-Cola, a world-renowned beverage company, has 500,000 beverage vending machines all over the world.

The vending machine has a wide and clear glass door, and all the products can be seen at a glance, which is very attractive to consumers. 

 The most vulnerable part for vending machines is the glass door. Most thieves will choose to smash the glass door.  Nowadays, many manufacturers have upgraded to anti-theft laminated glass,It not only has the characteristics of greater impact resistance of tempered glass, but also has the characteristics of ordinary laminated glass. Even if the glass is broken, the fragments will be bonded together due to the effect of the intermediate glue layer. It effectively prevents the occurrence of falling debris and ensures personal safety, which makes the laminated glass stronger and more durable, which greatly improves the vending machine. anti-theft features.

Vending machine glass door, is made from 2-3 pane of high strength tempered glass, 20 years leak proof life flexible spacer which is super important under the sunshine UV and cold hot temperature cycle environment, and glass cavity filling high argon 95%-99% inside glass for 20% energy saving.

anti-blast, explosion proof, anti-UV Anti-fog, Anti-condensation, Anti-frost f

Double or triple layer of heated glass, with 95%-99% argon filling and keeping inside, will keep your vending machine condensation free while using the least electricity.

Our glass door adopts electric heating glass with narrow frame, LED recessed lighting, luxurious and high-grade, clear product display.The sheet metal glass door is processed by the whole sheet metal, and the strength is completely provided by the sheet metal

The glass and plastic profiles are fixed with the sheet metal door using soft connections, the stress on the glass is extremely small, and it is not easy to deform after long-term use. Even if a certain deformation occurs, it will be offset by the soft connection.

Aluminum profile glass doors mainly rely on the strength of the glass, and the surrounding profiles are mainly to protect the corners of the glass. Once the plastic profile ages and deforms over time, the stress on the corners of the glass will be very concentrated, increasing the risk of self-explosion. With the passage of time, the box will produce a certain deformation, which makes it very laborious to open and close the door. Invisibly increased the risk of self-explosion of the glass door. Once the glass explodes, it is difficult to replace it for free.The cost of glass doors with aluminum profiles is cheaper than that of sheet metal glass doors

To make the design even better, we R&D designed heated glass of irregular shape, round shape glass, or glass with cut-out hole. Because our spacer for the glass is flexible and gas penetration proof and only one seamless joint in the spacer for the whole glass, 95-99% argon could be filled and kept inside the irregular insulating glass cavity. This glass is now used on vending machine door, merchandiser freezer, ice cream fridge etc. 


Our heated insulated glass door will have initial argon filling percentage test, with handheld Sparklike argon test device, testing result between 95%-99%. Our glass is the only kind of glass door that passes EN-1279-2 Long term Moisture penetration test and EN-1279-3 Argon Gas rate and argon leak test.



Ultra Energy Saving
95% high argon charged, keeping argon 90% for 20 years
20% better insulation/energy saving/cooling performance in glass door
20% less watt is used to heat the glass door, 20%energy saving than traditional heated glass door
Soft coat Low E glass for heat radiation stop and insulation performance
Compressor protection
  • Compressor protection: decrease compressor startup and running time, lengthen compressor life
  • Lengthening the service life of the cooler/freezer unit
    Long life guarantee
  • 15+ years glass glass seal leakage proof
  • Leak proof and dew proof guarantee for 10+ years, same life guarantee as your cooler/freezer unit
  • Vending machine glass door with holes can fill and keep 95% argon too


    95% high Argon gas 20% energy saving electrically heated insulated glass door for one door two door upright Beverage Cooler/freezer 


    Heating Insulated glass with 95% argon keeping, PVC frame, aluminum frame, stainless steel polish frame
    Heating glass power supply is 48v/DC, 36v/DC or 220-240/AC etc


    Metal Frame

    Glass door size


    Door Corner Shape

    Round corner, square corner


    heating is optional, usually 10w/meter power rate
    Strong magnetic gasket
    Key and Lock, frame corner connector
    Color LED light strip

    Insulating Glass

    2-3 layer insulated glass


    Double layer heated glass door for cooler with argon krypton filling and keeping
    Triple glazed heating glass door for cooler with argon krypton filling and keeping in 2 cavities

    Glass thickness

    3.2mm/4mm EC glass + 14~18mm flexible spacer with 95%-99% high argon filling and keeping + 3.2mm/4mm Low E glass

    Glass type

    EC glass has electrically conductive coating film, normal model is 60w/sqm, and 90w/sqm
    Soft Low E for higher insulation performance and high transmittance
    Tempered glass anti-collision, explosion-proof, anti-blast with hardness of automobile windshield


    Flexible GD warm spacer,
    Argon gas/air penetration leak rate is 0.002g/m2/24hour
    Keeping high argon for 20 years

    Insulated Glass Cavity Gas

    95-99% argon filling
    20% energy saving
    Low E glass protection and performance enhancement, noise reduction
    keeping argon 90% for more than 10 years
    Same long life guarantee with the beverage cooler unit

    Insulated glass Sealant

    Polysulfide, double component silicone

    Silk screen color and color

    Red silk screen color for Coca Cola
    Blue silk screen color for Pepsi
    Black silk screen color for wine bar cabinet
    Customized according to your logo design

    LOGO Brand

    Greendoor Technology, or your logo design


    0~8℃ usually for cooling, -18~-30℃ for ice cream or frozen freezer, 8~12℃ for wine bar cabinet


    Same life time guarantee as your cooler unit