LED illuminated glass

LED Illuminated GLASS DOOR FOR BEVERAGE COOLER/FREEZER (Aesthetic and Brand image)

Our R&D Department has developed LED door, which can achieve the best of your cooler brand display and aesthetic effect.

Type 1: LED edge-lit: acrylic sheet, logo etched/engraved/lasered on crystal acrylic plate  

Type 2: LED back-lit: light stripe around the door edge at the back of the outside pane of glass door

Type 3: LED edge-lit+ LED back-lit: light stripe around the door edge at the back of the outside pane of glass door

Edge-lit LED glass door

An edge-lit LED logo glass door cooler/freezer is an eye-attracting and innovative new way to advertise your brand and your product (cooler for beverage, coke, mineral water, milk, yogurt etc). Now more and more customers are choosing to use LED glass door for cooler brand differentiation and product advertisement. Now No.1 beverage brand in China, Nongfu Spring, has nominated our factory as one of the only two qualified suppliers.

This LED glass door mainly consist of 2 parts:

1. An edge-lit LED logo sign

It is assembled from an acrylic sheet/panel, and an LED strip. 

A)Crystal acrylic sheet/panel

Crystal acrylic sheet is an ideal material to evenly illuminate with LED lights. Your brand logo will be etched or lasered on it.

B)Color LED light strip

According to your logo design color, our engineer will choose same color or multi-color LED strip and LED tape to mount it around the edge of crystal acrylic sheet. 

After LED lit, the acrylic sheet glows uniformly. At the etched/lasered/engraved area, lights will have more diffusing or glowing and the logo turns much brighter, and the rest of the acrylic sheet stays less bright, generating the illusion of glowing brand logo or image.  

Power supply for the LED strip is usually 12-24V DC, with power rate at 5Watt/hour.



2. 2-3 layer of insulated glass with 4-side step

Glass: 3.2/4mm tempered clear/low E glass with silk screen + Flexible spacer with 95% high argon + 3.2/4mm tempered Low E or glass

Frame: PVC extrusion profile, slim aluminium frame around the PVC profile

Size: customized size

Led light: 12-24V, 5w, light color as per your logo design 

The LED lit acrylic logo will be mounted into the glass door, with PVC frame and slim aluminium frame. 

To overcome the problem of argon leak, condensation inside glass door hollow cavity, we imported flexible spacer insulated glass machine from Europe, and design a new generation of insulation glass and doors for upright beverage display cooler/freezer. 


Our insulated glass door will have initial argon filling percentage test, with handheld Sparklike argon test device, testing result between 95%-99%. Our glass is the only kind of glass door that passes EN-1279-2 Long term Moisture penetration test and EN-1279-3 Argon Gas rate and argon leak test.

Now No.1 beverage brand in China, Nongfu Spring, has nominated our factory as one of the only two qualified suppliers.



Premium aesthetic design
Edge-lit acrylic sheet/panel, LED Light strip, innovative advertising of your beverage and coke brand and logo
Silk screen painting logo for your brand image and advertising
Curved/square door frame corner
Ultra clear glass: high transmittance and clearer vision
High efficiency LED illumination on glass door
Ultra Energy Saving
95% high argon charged, keeping argon 90% for 20 years
20% better insulation/energy saving/cooling performance in glass door
Soft coat Low E glass for heat radiation stop and insulation performance
Compressor protection
Compressor protection: decrease compressor startup and running time, lengthen compressor life
Lengthening the service life of the cooler/freezer unit
Long life guarantee
15+ years glass glass seal leakage proof



LED illuminated glass door for Coca cola Pepsi Nongfu Spring beverage cooler freezer


Insulated glass with 4 side step, LED edge-lit acrylic sheet, LED strip, PVC frame, aluminum frame, LED light inside the cabinet
power supply to led is 12-24v/DC

LED strip

120-190bulbs per meter, 5w power rate


Recess handle, add-on handle, built-in handle, full length handle, side mounted handle, top mounted handle
Auto-return, 90degree hold open for beverage stock replenishing
Strong magnetic gasket to keep cold air in cabinet from leaking outside
Top and bottom heavy duty hinge
Key and Lock, frame corner connector
Color LED light strip

Insulating Glass

2-3 layer insulated glass with step, outside layer is larger


Flexible warm spacer, gas penetration leak rate is 0.5%/year

Insulated Glass Cavity Gas

95-99% argon filling,
20% energy saving
keeping argon 90-95% for more than 10 years, same life guarantee with the beverage cooler unit
Moisture proof spacer

Glass thickness

3.2mm/4mm Low E glass + 16~18mm flexible spacer with 95%-99% high argon filling and keeping + 3.2mm/4mm Low E glass


Double layer insulated glass, triple layer insulated glass, quardro layer insulating glass

Glass door size


Insulated glass Sealant

Polysulfide, silicone

Door Corner Shape

Frameless glass door,  round corner (R30, R10), square corner

Silk screen color and LED color

Customized according to your logo design


Color LED light strip, long lasting, DC power supply, 12-24V DC

LOGO Brand

Greendoor Technology, or your logo design


0~8℃ usually for cooling, -18~-30℃ for ice cream or frozen freezer


Same life time guarantee as your cooler unit