Frameless Glass Door for Cooler/Freezer

Date: 2023-04-16 17:11:53author: Greendoor

Getting tired of seeing traditional old fashioned framed glass door for cooler/freezer? 

Looking for high end glass door design for your commercial display cooler/freezer/refrigerator?

Frameless glass door with silk screen print edge will be an interesting option for you.

Before delving into frameless glass door, we would first explain some knowledge about step insulated glass. Stepped insulated glass typically consist of double or triple glazed insulated glass units, of which the outer pane of glass is larger or longer than the inner panes, forming a ‘step-out’ appearance from the inner pane(s) to the outside pane of glass.


Frameless glass door consist of stepped insulated glass, and slim aluminium or pvc frame covering the step glass edge, giving a full glass appearance from the front side view. The edge of the outside pane (or the step) of the insulated glass is painted with colored silk screen to match with the overall outlook of refrigerator unit. This will create a premium aesthetic design of the glass door on the refrigerator. 

There’re some unique silk screen paint colors on the stepped glass, typically black for wine refrigerator, red for Coca Cola cooler, blue color for Pepsi cooler etc. 

The frameless glass door could have square corner, or round corner for aesthetic appearance. R10 and R30 are mostly commonly used in our design. 

If you need more premium design, an LED edge-lit acrylic sheet, or back lit LED strip, could be added to the frameless glass door, making frameless glass door more premium with innovative design and promote your brand value in the fierce competition of the commercial display cooler market.

Problem facing the frameless glass door is poor insulation performance due to argon leakage and condensation in the glass hollow cavity due to moisture penetration. To overcome these problem, we imported flexible spacer insulated glass machine from Europe, and design a new generation of insulation glass and doors for upright beverage display cooler/freezer. 



Our framless glass door with stepped insulated glass will have initial argon filling percentage test, with handheld Sparklike argon test device, testing result between 95%-99%. Our glass is the only kind of glass door that passes EN-1279-2 Long term Moisture penetration test and EN-1279-3 Argon Gas rate and argon leak test.